Tool steel and grinded plate

Tool steel and grinded plateTool steel has to combine wear resistance, hardness and machinability. Choosing from among various types of steel isn’t always easy, so we can guide you. We work together with some of the world’s best producers of tool steel. With the right hardening, your material will have the properties you want. Cold-work tool steel, hot-work tool steel, high-speed steel and grinded plate are stocked in our warehouses around Sweden and in Moss, Norway.

The steel’s performance is important to optimal results

When designing a tool, there is a lot to consider, like the properties of the steel and how it can be machined. It is also important that you get the right surface finish on your tools depending on what you are going to use them for.

The right decisions save time and money

Many customers see us as a resource in their design and development work. We know what is needed from steel. With the right material, your tools will last and keep performing in demanding applications in processing and industry.

Special melts offer flexibility

Sometimes our customers need a steel with special properties. We can produce laboratory melts of 5 kg for evaluation and testing as well as production melts of 35 tons, giving you outstanding flexibility.

Grinded plate in any size with tight tolerances

Our inventory includes an extensive range of standard plate in over 500 dimensions in various types of steel, e.g., grinded steel plate from 10x10x1030 mm up to 600x100x2060 mm. In addition, we can specially manufacture steel plate according to your requirements.